[GUIA] Itens no Jogo

Route 1 - 3 Potions 
Viridian Forest - Rare Candy
Veridian Maze leste - TM23 e Horsea Abandonado

Route 3 - Stardust
 Mont Moon 1F Tm9 - Starpice - TM12 - Paralize Heal

Rota 4 - TM5 Mega kick

SS Anne 1F Kitchen - Great Ball, Hyper Potion
SS Anne 2F - Leftovers
It's in the trash.
SS Anne Ballroom - Leppa Berry, Chesto Berry, Oran Berry 
Route 11 - Escape Rope
Route 8 - Lost Growlithe
Celadon City - PP UP
Rocket Hideout B1F - 2 Super Potions, Hyper Potion
Rocket Hideout B2F - Iron
Rocket Hideout B4F - 2 Revives
Route 12 - Rare Candy
Route 13 - Calcium, PP UP
Route 14 - Zinc
Route 17 - Rare Candy
Route 17 - PP UP
Fushia - PP-UP

Pokémon Tower F1

Sea Foam B4F - Nugget Rope e Escape

Cinabar Manssion B1F - Solar Beam e Antídoto

Cerulean Cave 1F:
1. Rare Candy
2. Hyper Potion
3. Revive
Cerulean Cave 2F:
1. PP Up
2. Zinc
3. Ultra Ball
4. Full Heal
Tohjo Falls - Crobat
Rare Candy 
Route 30 - Counter TM
Goldenrod Underground Path - Full Heal, 2 Max Ethers, 2 Antidotes
Underground Warehouse - 5 Great Balls
Goldenrod Underground Basement - Bright Powder
Goldenrod Underground Basement - Miracle Seed
National Park - Full Heal, Super Potion, TM28 Dig, Soothe Bell
Route 36 - Ether
Route 37 - Magnet, Sun Stone, Ether
Ecruteak City - Ether, Hyper Potion, Ultra Ball
Burned Tower Top Floor - Ether
Burned Tower Floor 2 - Nugget, Revive
Route 38 - HP Up, Thunder Stone, Max Potion
Route 39 - PP Up
Olivine City - Pearl, Protein, Rare Candy, and a lost Staryu
Violet City - Rare Candy
Golden Rod - Abandoned Poké - Spinirak
(You surf from the rocks at north of the city, and then all the way down.)
Rota 34 herbs e softsand

Rota 35 - Nugget 
 Rota 42 - MasterBall

Mt.Silver 2F - Rare Candy
Love Island: 
Diamond Domain B1F - Shiny Stone 
It's somewhere under the player inside the rocks.
Sevii Islands: 
Island One - Starpiece
Five Isle Meadow - Pearl
Water Path - Pearl
Five Island Rocket Hideout - Leftovers
It's inside the trash.
Other places: 
Abandoned Desert Village- Sandile? Not confirmed
Violet City and Route 44 - Hyper Potion, and PP Up
Amazon Forest - Oil Drum has a Poison Barb
Here is some other things that may or not be useful.
This is a shortcut to the room that has a key on the floor. Specifically inside the Cinnabar Mansion.
The guy is hiding in a box. That's it.
Some man hiding from his wife in Safari Zone, Kanto. He's selling Shiny Stones for 20000$. Specifically Safari Zone Area 1
"I am talking to a tree... I need to see Nurse Joy..."

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Rotas - Pokemons por Rotas Kanto/Johto
Pokedex Parte#1 Todas os Pokémons e Locais
Pokedex Parte#2 Todas os Pokémons e Locais
Dicas - Headbutt            Dicas - HM Fly                 Dicas - Montaria
Dicas - HM Surf              Dicas - IV, EV                   Dicas - Treino EV
Dicas - Rock Climb        Dicas - MoveEgg             Dicas - TM Dig
Dicas - Roubar itens      Dicas - HM Waterfall       Dicas - Codigos Chat
Dicas - Mew                    Dicas - Celebi                  Dicas - Sincronise
Dicas - Pokestops

Areas Extras
Mt.Silver         Love Island       Trainer's Valley

Chapeu do Ash       Chapeu Teddyursa  

Evento Natal 2016
Evento Hallowen 2016
Evento Summer 2016


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